The Mis-understanding

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I don’t know what proof many are looking for. The question is why we need a proof when Tabligh is a Job that has been done by beloved Prophet (s.a.w) throughout his life, the Anbiya (a.s), the Sahaba (r.a). Didn’t they all go out for the sake of Deen of Allah, for Da’wa & Tabligh (conveying). Beloved Prophet (s.a.w) has travelled more than 12800 Kilo Meters in his life time for the sake of Deen. The Sahaba (r.a) have gone all corners of the world conveying the message of Islam. Until they finally said, there are no more places to go while we now say we have no more

Imagetime to go.  That makes the difference between us and them. They were ready to sacrifice for Deen where as we are ready to find excuses for not to go. This is like someone came to Imam Shafee Rahimahullah and asked a question related to Deen. Imam Shafe’ee (rah) replied ‘This is what Quran says and this is what Sunnah says in this matter….. after a while the questioner again asked ‘’Sheikh ‘what’s your opinion in this?. At this Imam Shafe’ee got angry and asked ‘ Are you taking me like Christians and Jews have taken their rabbis and their monks… ‘Here I told you a ruling as per Holy Quran and Sunna of Prophet (s.a..w) and you ask my opinion!!!! This is our case, we know Rasulullah (s.a.w) have gone out for Da’wa for all his life and we say now it’s Bid’aa because such and such scholars have said so….

If you are then confused about 3days, 40 days etc…. These are just a part of organizing, a part of planning and a Tarteeb in order to achieve the goal. The goal is to have Kamil Deen in our life, home, community, the world until the end of times.  Systems are just like we have Madrassa systems, years of studying, exams, certifications, degrees etc etc….. So no one says this fixing of period is Sunnah either, rather this is part of organizing and planning in order to be steadfast in straiving for the Deen in the path of Allah.

You will see that all the Amal done as part of effort of Deen in the path of Allah in Khurooj or at home has reference from Quran and the Sunnah. Be it, Da’wa, Taleem, Mashoora,  Jowla or Gasht (Going around the people) and Meeting  brothers for the sake of Allah, Khidmath etc etc…… Just read Hayathul Sahaba (r.a) and it’s all there.  Many are confused over these issues.  There is Deen and the efforts of Deen. Tabligh is an Amal as efforts of Deen. Deen is perfected and none has a bit right to change in any of it’s matters…. Tabligh is an effort to learning and conveying this Deen… Just look at what are the efforts we Muslims do these days in order to learn and propagate Deen…. Books & posters, CD’s and Clippings, Debates and Proving, Arguments & Challenges…is there any reference to what most of we do from lifes of Anbiyaa (a.s) or the Sahaba (r.a)…..???? See which has reference from Quran and Sunnah! I am not saying all that are wrong,,, but the efforts of Anbiyaa (a.s) was of Qadam (foot), that’s just Tabligh Jamaat is trying to imitate.

Also there is difference between Da’wa and Ta’leem. When it comes to Da’wa, the way of the Prophets (A.s) is to go unto the people. Like beloved Prophet (s.a.w) would go to the houses of his clans, relatives, the tribes that comes for Hajj, to their tents in Mina, journey to Taif, the whole of Hijra was all for the sake of Da’wa….. But when it comes to seeking knowledge, a student should go to the scholar (Alim).  Secondly for Da’wa you don’t need to have deep knowledge,, whereas for Taleem or to teach people about Deen, one should not teach unless he has clear knowledge about the subject he is teaching. Da’wa is like the Azan, the call to prayer, which is the perfect Da’wa as what we say in it’s Dua,,,, the Muazzin who calls people to prayer (Daee) is not necessary to have deep knowledge about to what he is calling….whereas for someone to teach prayer as an Imam of a Masjid, must have knowledge. So you will see, Tabligh is an effort where common man is doing the job of an Ambulance,,, just reaching the injured to the hospital. They don’t take the job of doctors to treat the patients. You can see the same in the time of Rasulullah (s.a.w) when tribes would come and ask Nabi (s.a.w) to send someone to teach them about Islam, he would send them one who has good knowledge of Deen, Like Muad bin Jabal, Mus’ab bin Umayr, Abdullah bin Masood (r.a) etc. But when it comes to Da’wa, someone who just uttered the Kalima would go to their tribe and invite to this Kalima…He didn’t stop them and say, study such and such years and start Tabligh (conveying).

So this is just to say, at least let’s appreciate the work of Tabligh. So much fitna has happened because some did not understand, they also made others mis-understand. Let’s look at our brother Muslims from a positive angle. Tabligh is one of the efforts of Deen that has changed people than any Jamaah has done in this age. It’s like a flowing water through all corners of Dunya. This Ummah was like flowing water, the flowing water always remained pure..when water stands still…breeds the mosquitos and insects. Let’s say none of us is perfect, the only perfect is our leader, Rasulullah (s.a.w), and the perfect message is only one that Allah Azzawajal revealed on him, which is Glorious Quran.  Rest we all have shortcomings in our thought, understandings & actions. Still we must all strive our best of what we can do for this Deen. So that we can say an excuse in the court of Allah Azzawajal, perhaps Allah may all bless us with Hidayah since His very assured promise remain for all times and all age for guidance in the very assured verse of His word.

وَٱلَّذِينَ جَـٰهَدُواْ فِينَا لَنَہۡدِيَنَّہُمۡ سُبُلَنَا‌ۚ وَإِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَمَعَ ٱلۡمُحۡسِنِينَ

As for those who strive in Our way, We will certainly take them onto Our paths, and indeed Allah is with those who are good in deeds. (Quran 29:69)

May Allah give us all understanding of His Deen…Ameen.

Jazakallah Khair.


Moosa Moulana (rah) Bayanath.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Moosa Moulana (Rahmathullah Alaihi) was one of well known Daee from Kerala. Thousands have benifitted through his sincere efforts in the path of da’wa and Tabligh. Here are few of his recordings that must be useful again for many of our brothers.

Click here to download the files.

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To introduce myself, I am a student of Islam as I have always been. Seeking the knowledge, the lost treasure of a believer. This is a blog which I specifically wish to write about a subject which I have been studying for sometime and want to put forward my thoughts before my friends and the readers.

We must know that the truth is always at it’s struggle. The way of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w) is the way of the truth and struggle is his way. Rest are falsehood and may some of it wear a coat of truth in order to be attracted. To be sweeter outside but is sour inside, It has no core and it is baseless. Hence the truth is truth and falsehood is falsehoood. One who is guided by Allah sees the differance.