The Motives behind the blog.

In Uncategorized on 06/08/2008 at 2:17 pm

May Allah bless all Muslims and all those who strive for His deen. It’s Allah who accepts the deeds from His slaves according to their sincerity done through His given guidelines. At a time when Islam is being attacked from all corners, I was amazed to read and know the belief of many in regards to Tabligh Jamaat in their books and websites.  I won’t say Tabligh is the only truth.  I believe Islam is the very truth and the way of calling towards Islam has a broader perspective. What’s important is that the way must fall within the guidelines of Holy Quran and the Sunnah. We must know that Allah is not in need of anyone or anything to serve Him or His deen. If He wills, He may use a bird as Hud-Hud to the guidance of a Nation as people of ‘Sabaa’.  It is we do something for our own self and our own benifit and closeness towards our Lord and our own very success.

So many of the sayings against Tabligh Jamaat are lies and some are very severe. I was amazed to read some of the articles in the websites of many other organizations who are also striving hardly to bring back the Ummah towards the best example of the Salaf. I want to explain what’s being told the truth and what’s falsely accused about. I don’t believe in saying ill of any other groups that works for Islam or to underestimate their efforts.  Saying ill of the Umma is not the solution of getting rid of the diseases within this Umma. The sole solution is we all turn back to the best example of the Salaf to Holy Quran and the Sunnah, in all our life aspects.


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